Jamf Pro – Resetting the CA

1) use jamfsoftware; (if we used different db name please use it instead of 'jamfsoftware')
truncate table jss_server_url;
truncate table signing_certificates;
truncate table certificate_authority_issued;
truncate table certificate_authority_revocation_list;
truncate table certificate_authority_settings;
update the activation_code institution_name to be what you need
2) Restart MySQL and Tomcat
3) From the server open web browser and navigate to the following site:
4) Click continue when the certificate validation message comes up
5) Log into the Jamf Pro
6) Click the gear in the upper right corner
7) Click global management
8) Click JSS URL
9) Enter in the URL that you wish to use and save
10) Click the gear in the upper right corner again
11) Click Apache Tomcat Settings and renew the SSL certificate
12) Restart Tomcat on the server
13) Connect to the JSS -> verify certificate's SSL
14) Create a new push certificate.