Ender 3 – Level the bed using feeler gauges

While the paper method works well, I’m a person that likes to know the exact numbers.

Paper can differ in thickness depending on gsm weight, moisture content etc.

The way I like to level is by using a feeler gauge.

Autohome xyz.  Then raise Z by 0.1 mm.  Disable steppers and then move the hot end to each corner.  Take a 0.1 mm feeler gauge and set each corner in turn to 0.1 mm.  I work in a X motion.  From front left to rear right, then from front right to rear left.  Do this a couple of times.

The idea is that the printers Z at home should be exactly 0 and not a few .01 mm’s as your then adding to the thickness.  Say your bottom layer is set to 0.2.  if you had levelled z’s 0.0 at 0.1 then it really becomes 0.3.